Finally, A Simple System To Quickly Payoff Any Mortgage And Build Massive Wealth Doing It...

(and you can Do-It-Yourself without using a HELOC)!


Finally, A Simple System To Quickly Payoff Any Mortgage And Build Massive Wealth Doing It...

(and you can Do-It-Yourself without using a HELOC)!

Which Mortgage Do You Want To Pay?

An accelerated loan payment plan is a novel approach to debt elimination with remarkable benefits. On a $225,000, 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.5%, you will pay the bank more than $185,000 in interest by the end of your loan term! Applying principal-only payments will decrease the loan balance to which the interest is applied thereby shortening the term and decreasing the overall cost of your home. Save $31,137.50 and pay off your mortgage almost 6 years early by enrolling in a mortgage acceleration plan using the same dollars you're already spending!

Look At These Results...

A 30 Year Mortgage Cut by 7 Years Just By Paying Biweekly

I Hate Debt, Here Is Your FREE Computerized Mortgage Savings Analysis!

Whether you choose a regular biweekly payment plan where one-half of your monthly mortgage payment is deducted every two weeks, or you decide to get aggressive at paying off your mortgage in 5 years by adding an additional principal-only payment every two weeks - in both options - you save thousands and build more wealth than with the conventional payoff method. The higher the interest rate the more you save!


"How To Transform a Mortgage Debt into Wealth"


Now, we have made available to every homeowner in America a simple DO IT YOURSELF system to use that will payoff a mortgage or any debt fast: Vehicles, Timeshares, Student Loans, etc. This simple step-by-step guide will help you get started on the right track with an easy to follow roadmap.

$7.00 USD
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Here's What You Will Learn Inside...

  • How to restructure your mortgage payments to optimize payoff so that you can build future wealth.

  • How to make Principal Only payments so that you can successfully eliminate avoidable bank interest and track your progress. 

  • How to 3X your home's equity for maximum profit so that if you decide to sell you put more money back into YOUR pockets, not your lender's Balance Sheet.

  • How to erase 10, 20, 25, years off your 30 year mortgage term without breaking your bank account so YOU can retire with dignity.

  • How banks calculate interest on mortgage loans to benefit them and not you. This is your lender's "dirty little secret" revealed. 

  • How to monitor your lender to alleviate bank errors. Banks are notorious for mishandling "principal only" payments. We provide a easy to read roadmap so that you keep your lender in check.


Here Is What You Will Get

Ebook: How To Pay Off A 30 Year Home Mortgage In 5 Years - Without Refinancing Your Loan...


The Guide to Becoming Debt Free and Building Massive Wealth.


$1,099 Value

Up to four Custom Computerized Mortgage or Debt Acceleration Reports. This is the "Secret Sauce" to Mortgage Acceleration. It helps you monitor your progress and spot bank errors immediately. 


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Access to Our Private Facebook Group for Those Special Individuals On The Pathway  to Becoming  Debt Free. Come join the revolution.


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A Luxurious 4 Day, 3 Night U.S. Vacation Getaway, Choose from 7 Popular Destinations, Including Las Vegas and Orlando. You have 24 months to travel.

 (all we ask is that you pay taxes and fees of $21.95 per night stay).  


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Free 20 Minute Strategy Consultation to Ensure Your Next Steps. We are here to Guide you every step of the way. 


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A $100 Hotel Discount Savings Card Accepted at Over 1,000,000 Destinations Worldwide.


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A $100 Guru Dining Savings Card Accepted at Over 1,000,000 Restaurants Worldwide 

(activation fee $7.95).


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That's Over $3,000 in FREE gifts just for enrolling today during our Grand Opening!

This STIMULUS offer EXPIRES March 15, 2021

Here's All You Need To Do Now...

To get your hands on "HOW TO TRANSFORM A MORTGAGE DEBT INTO WEALTH" Have your credit card handy and use our secure order form.


Just click the big black submit button below to get started. Take 2 minutes to fill in our short action form, then you will receive, via email, our instant MEMBERSHIP ACCESS page. 


Then use the calendar inside your personal membership portal to schedule your mortgage acceleration strategy call with our team. That is when will build your personalized computerized biweekly, monthly, or annualized, debt/mortgage, acceleration plan. You choose which options meet your needs and budget and when to start.

Burn Debt

Our system is designed to eliminate any mortgage or loan fast. All while boosting your credit scores!

Build Wealth

Turn your home into an asset. All while building massive wealth and securing your financial future!

Become A Star

No mortgage means less money needed for retirement. Your peers will wonder how you did it!


But don't just take my word for it, hear from a few of our enthusiastic clients!...

Jeff has been a tremendous blessing to my financial success over the years as our Financial Advisor. Yet, this Mortgage Acceleration program is unbelievable!


Albert Granby

Chesterfield, Virginia

Who doesn't want to save money? Yet, I couldn't believe how this simple method could save me so much cash. Thanks to Jeff, I'm erasing 7 yrs off my mortgage term while creating a nice nest-egg!

Carolyn Allen

Jonesboro, Georgia

This program saved me so much money and cut my mortgage term in half. It is such a no brainer that I enrolled 2 other loans. Thanks a million!


Tommie Robinson

Portsmouth, Virginia

Meet Mr. Robinson

I met Mr. Robinson in October 1998. He told me he desperately wanted to retire. He carried on about how he hated his job. Yet, more importantly, how his job hated him, back. He described his boss as a two-headed monster.
Until recently, Mr. Robinson had a good life. That was before his wife of 30 years died of cancer. He described her sickness as a slow agonizing demise that wore him down mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yet, he understood life goes on.  "I need to revamp my finances so that I can retire ASAP," he said to me in a tone of desperation!


On this day, Mr. Robinson, found himself in a unique situation. He had not one but two mortgages. Both had slightly higher interest rates than the current market offered. The country was experiencing a recession scare and interest rates on mortgages had declined marginally. His primary residence was fairly new. Yet, although he had equity in a rental property and cash in the bank. His  lender denied him the opportunity to consolidate and save money. 
Mr. Robinson was denied because his debt-to-income ratio was high due to the recent loss of his deceased wife's income. 


This rejection from his bank made him feel betrayed. After a 30 year relationship, several mortgages, and other loans, his bank reduced him from a man of honor and dignity to  an unappreciated disqualification code. Abruptly, he asked me, "how can your products and services help me achieve my goal."


After reviewing his options with him, Mr Robinson chose a mortgage acceleration plan on his primary residence. We set up a biweekly payment plus an extra $50 going to principal only. This plan lowered his net effective interest rate immediately by 23% and in year three his equity would triple. Not to mention, the plan will pay off his loan 15 years early.
Mr. Robinson appeared skeptical yet elated at the same time. I hope this works as promised he said. It's hard to believe a few extra dollars can make that big of a difference.


Now, fast forward to 2013. I ran into Mr. Robinson in a local grocery store. He ran up to me and began to thank me for the Mortgage Acceleration program we did years ago. "Mr. Jeff, I recently made my last mortgage payment on my home. My equity is now $235, 000. I have since retired and now own two other rental properties. Will you place a mortgage acceleration plan on them for me asap?"

Unfortunately, I no longer offered the biweekly or mortgage acceleration programs. The old process of going door-to-door selling products was now a thing of the past. People no longer welcomed you into their homes like before. Most are buying products and services online; hence, why I changed careers and returned to college to study history. Yet, after all the praise Mr. Robinson wielded upon me, I found it difficult to tell him no!

This is when the thought of launching my mortgage acceleration product online hit me. This occurrence became the inspiration of The Mortgage Eraser. And today, we can help homeowners and consumers any place in the USA.


"How to...

Transform a Mortgage Debt into Wealth"


$7.00 USD
For a limited time Only!

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